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hello people
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July 19, 2013, 01:26:27 AM
Some times I'm missing a  "Who I 'm" topic.
So I start one. Time to present myself.

I'm now 70 years young.
Being young, my interest lays in electronics'.   So I have a full carreer in IT. ( Yes I have know them working with VacuŁm tubes. )  Passing from hardware -technician to software engineer and finally becoming an IT-Manager.
At the age of 53 my wife became Ill and  I had to take  home-care in hand.
So I makes from my second hobby my main occupation.Restoring old-modelships or mak new models. The drawings I have to made are not big . They are all small parts..

In my training for Art-restorator I have worked with a student version of Vectorworks. After the study the software licence became to expensive for a hobby man.  So I was looking for a non-expensive drawing applications.
Most of my drawings are still done in the old fashion. - (3 views ) . So I purchased two programs, 'TC-pro-4'  and 'High-Design'. Working with both, finally I have used 'HD', for his  easy way you can draw . It follows close the 'Vectorworks' approach  and the apple philosophy ( no more than 2 cliicks.)  and I have put TC-4 aside.

People  changes with age, so I have decided that I will transform my milling machine into a CNC machine and therefore I need Aadrawing program in 3D.
'HD' can not offer this and the last update of that program was also 3 years ago. :-\ :'(

I came back tot  TC-pro-7. I have translated all  my  drawings into *.DXF now. I will not use 'HD' any more and will focus on  TC-7.  I will learn drawing in 3D  and  'i'm  are very busy to learn with the on-line user guide and the tutorials.

My interest is thus in small mechanical drawing. with a precision at 0,1 mm.
Being Dutch speaking man,  I understand very well french - english, but  writing is an other matter.  So be patience and become not angry if I express myself in the wrong way.
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July 19, 2013, 03:14:33 PM
Glad ta meet ya sir! I was curious who was 'behind' that picture! ;D When your talking models are you talking boats n birds?


* September 17, 2017, 02:34:31 PM
hello  nice to meet you 
cya on battlefield, soon i hope

and forgot about the most important  good luck with your things

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