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Measurement Error?
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* April 22, 2019, 03:48:18 PM
I'm getting what appears to me a measurement error in a complicated drawing.  I've copied the components in question to another drawing and the error persists.

1.  Draw a line 3'5"
2.  Make a copy with the parallel tool and turn it into 3d plank the same length.
3.  Check that the 3d item is the same length as the line from various views.
4.  Use the dimension tool to show the length of both items. Use the ANSI standard.
      Both show the correct dimension.
5.  Change the dimension property to Stack Fraction.
      The 3d shape now shows the length at 3'4" while the line remains at 3.5"


Project file for Mac Deluxe 10 attached.


April 22, 2019, 04:43:06 PM
Hi Bayswater! I just posted this help, I think it explains the best way!  (waiting a bit may be needed)Johnny


* April 22, 2019, 05:03:51 PM
Thanks for the note.  I don't think I follow what you were getting at.  In my example, all I did it change the way the dimension is displayed from ANSI to Stacked Fraction.  The units, fractional accuracy, etc were all left constant, but the reported size of the object changed from 3'4" to 3'5". To further confuse things, this changed only for the 3D object and not the simple line. 

It seems to me that simply changing the way a dimension is displayed should not change the reported size of the object. 

If I'm missing something please let me know.

Thanks again.