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to much keystrokes.
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August 30, 2015, 08:27:41 AM
suggestion for improvement.

To much keystrokes and click in TC-pro V8

I draw all my technical drawings in "solid lines"  with a "weight of 0.018 mm."
When drawing is finished  I go to select a number of lines who I which they have a different weight. or another parameter. So I go to  inspector and click on a different weight figure.
And than you may not forget to click on that apply button.
 ;D  That's not the Apple way of dooing things !!!  :'(

It is  a keystroke to much when you have to click  on  “Apply”.
The simple fact that you change a parameter is perfectly detectable by software and instantly possible to change the selection.

As you get older, everything become worse, except for the oblivion, which is getting better and better ...

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