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Upgrade from Windows version to Mac version
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* October 21, 2008, 03:53:10 PM
I have had TorboCad for a many years on my Windows computers but about a year ago migrated to the Mac platform. I have to keep the old PC running primarily to run TurboCad. I would like to upgrade to the latest version but would like to change platforms at the same time. Is this possible and can I do it for the same cost as the Windows upgrade? Thanks.


* November 20, 2008, 12:08:50 PM
I too have migrated to a mac from a pc.  I had continued using TurboCAD pro v.12 by running windows virtually on my mac (I used parallels for mac and have been very happy with how it runs).  I was interested in hearing that there was a new version of TurboCad Mac pro coming out and thought it was time to upgrade.  But have not been able to get any answers out of IMSI about it. 

I have been told three different release dates (the lastest, which I received today, was "sometime in January").  I have asked about features and the three reps to whom I spoke were unable/unwilling to tell me anything about the software, recommending that I download the deluxe version and check the forum (which you can see is not well maintained).  I asked for a feature list or spec sheet and was told there wasn't anything available.  I was told the Forum would provide all of that information.  Perhaps I haven't looked in the right place, but I have not seen any information about the features on this forum.

I also make use of the quality rendering and materials features in the PC version and can not find out if these will be supported in the Pro mac version.

I did get a little bit of information.  I was told that it is not possible to open TurboCAD PC version files in the mac version.  You must export them as DWG files and then import them.  Doing this in the Deluxe version results in the loss of quite a bit of information.  If it will work better in the pro version, no one will tell me.  It surprises me that a company would not even support files created in their own software.    The best advice that I received from IMSI was to buy the most recent PC version because it would be better than anything that came out on the Mac.  Given the perceived lack of interest by IMSI in developing and supporting the mac version, this is the way I guess I'm going to go.


* November 20, 2008, 08:57:31 PM
Thanks for replying. I agree with everything you wrote and decided shortly after I posted my question that I will continue to use the PC version using Parallels. Cheers.


* April 07, 2009, 07:14:25 AM

My dad uses Turbocab 15 Deluxe I believe, on a Windows OS.  He is thinking about buying his first Mac and was wondering what affect it would have on his drawings and if he would need new Turbocad software for Macs.  I did read your thread and didn't quite get the part about parallels.

Would someone please be able to let me know what changes need to be made and if any new software has to be purchased to switch Turbocad from Windows to Mac?

Thank you!


April 14, 2009, 05:14:25 PM
There are advantages to each software.

Our Mac product has surface as well as solid 3d tools.  If you where trying to create more organic 3d models then the TCMac would definatly be better than Windows.

On the other hand our windows product is much better for any sort of 2d cad work.


June 28, 2009, 02:02:03 AM
I have purchased the mac Deluxe version 4 and am seriously disappointed with the 2d part of the program. as i have version 15 and have used TurboCAD since version 10 and am very impressed with it for home use, I consider it very good value for money having worked on MicroStation at work in the past.

I did not want to install Windows on to my Mac and i know of many people in IT who have Mac's that are of the same mind.

I am wondering if in the future IMSI have any plans to improve on the 2d part to bring it more in line with the PC version