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Exporting in dwg format
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* May 12, 2017, 09:52:57 AM
Mitch, thanks for the answer to my "exporting in jpg format" question. Here's another one. When I export in dwg format, for some reason the Standard defaults to ANSI, showing my drawing dimensions in decimals. Being a woodworker, I need my dimensions to be in fractions, but like I said, dwg defaults to ANSI. Is there any way to modify the preferences so that exporting in dwg retains fractions?
Thanks in advance


* May 13, 2017, 05:53:30 PM
The dwg/dxf file format is proprietary by Autodesk. I'm not aware of any way to import a drawing dimensions as fractions. My only suggestion is to set the "Select Mask" to dimensions only and drag a fence around everything or double click on the selection arrow icon to select all the dimensions and change them to fractions all at once. Don't use cmd + A for this, it will select everything.

Another caution when using fractions is to set the tolerance low. Fractions will round up or down based on what the tolerance set at. A mistake caused by a round off when copied will compound the error.