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improuvements ???
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August 15, 2017, 09:19:49 PM
Now that I finally have made the transition from “High-design” to “TC-MAc-pro” ( financial reasons)
I have some suggestion to improvement to TC-Mac-pro.

A) What I hate about TC-pro  is that bl@*# button “Apply”
It is a complete unnecessary item.
I have made some drawings - lines.  And know I want to change the  line type of these lines.
I choose from the menu “ the deep select”. Than go to the inspector and change the pattern.
The fact that I change some thing  is enough to indicate that I want to apply it. This must be automatic and not that you have to act , in surplus the button “Apply”

B) What I hate about TC-pro is that bl@*#  difference between "select" and "deep select". Why not only one button?
All what you can do in the select-option you can do the same in the “Deep-select-option”.
I always use the “Deep select” and see not the usefulness of the “select button”

C) What I hate about TC-pro is that bl@*#  "lack of dynamic pan", so when you reach the end of the view window you must maintain your mouse button and do not forget to hit one the arrow key's.
P.e.  I’m a man of drawing like with a pen  ( the click-draw-release") and not a man of drawing a line with a keyboard data input.
p.e. So I start to draw a line. And look in the  “data input field how long my line is at this moment. When I reach the desired length I release my mouse button.
Not in TC-,sir !!!. When your line is longer than your screen when you reach the end, than you must go to the inspector window,  start to change there the data of your line and do not forget that bl@*# button “Apply”
Why not a dynamic pan?   when your cursor reach the end if the screen and use the drawing method of “click-drag-release method”.  I found this methode more of the 21e century than the draw-input-like method as a 19e century method.

D) that. TC-Mac-Pro do not have a vertical and horizontal ruler whit an indication on it where your hair-cross is at this moment.and that that ruler is in the unit you use . Inch or mm and according the zoom/scale factor you use at that moment.

As you get older, everything become worse, except for the oblivion, which is getting better and better ...

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