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Please Read Before Posting
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* January 09, 2012, 07:11:55 AM
New Forums Guidelines

Our new forums are organized a little differently than the old ones. Here are some suggestions to help make this an easy transition.

Create new topics on the appropriate board:

If you are having problems with a specific tool create a new topic in the problems board.  Want to show off a new rendering post it in the gallery.

Search before you post:

Once we get rolling many topics may have already been discussed.  If you are researching a particular topic, utilize the search function to look for posts with relevant information.

Who are you replying to:

When replying to a specific statement be sure to quote the previous post.

When in doubt create a new topic:

Be sure your post is relevant to the current discussion.  Create a new topic within the appropriate board if you are unsure.

Use your real name:

While much of the internet is anonymous we would like to get to know each other.  Though this is not a requirement please use you real name in your signature.  Many users may not feel comfortable replying to your alias.

Be courteous to others:

Please conduct yourself in a professional manor.  Please refrain from personal attacks, offensive language, etc…  If you feel a post is inappropriate please use the report to moderator link found in every post.

Be specific:

When posting a problem be sure to include which version you are using.  Give as much information as possible.  If the problem is with a specific file be sure to attache it to your post.

Remember why we are here:

The purpose of these forums is to discuss TurboCAD.  Please keep the discussion of other products to compatibility issues or how the other software’s can be used with TurboCAD.

The price is wrong:

This is not the place to discuss the pricing of TurboCAD or share promotion codes.  Inquiries about pricing and sales should be directed to our sales department.  Feel free to send an e-mail to sales@imsidesign.com

All posts discussing pricing or where to buy TurboCAD will be deleted


* September 13, 2017, 04:55:31 AM
PLEASE READ THE RULE SET BEFORE POSTING QUESTIONS... It will save everyone time. Regards, JP

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