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New TCMAC 1340 builds
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* May 03, 2017, 05:28:55 PM



 Change Log 1340
—Updates for exporting obround dimensions to 3D PDF and DWG
Change Log 1339
—More updates for print window & text/dimensions
—Correction to setting deep select tool from Select Facets in Plane
—Removed extra repaint using mouse down view rotation

Change Log 1338
—OpenGL wireframe now using vertex arrays
—Correction for unnesscary calculation of silhoutee edges.
—Corrected issue with linary array and grouped objects reappearing on file open
—Removed unused second pass transparency call if in wireframe mode
—Keyshot updates for the update tool
—Corrected issue with abort of DWG read for certain text fragments
—Corrected issue with path align tool and mirror matrix
—Added cm cubed to english volume
—Significantly improved performance of the linery array tool with many copies
—Significantly improved performance of the polar array tool with many copies
—Push/pull now defaults to distance tab for data entry field
—Corrected a crash with point objects within detail views
—Corrected a crash cut/pasting hatches

Change Log 1337
—Drag/drop STL now convets to the user default unit setting
—Corrected issue where face colors were overiding body colors in STEP export.
—Added ability to export face colors defined with deep select to STEP export.
—Corrected issue with dimension text facets getting scaled by print resolutoin
—Updates to File : Print Window and File : Print now zbuffer's text going using photo render
—Correction for resetting object axis position
—Corrected issue display text perp to view but backwards or updside down.
—Corrected issue selecting objects in a draw view layer type which where turned off.
—Adjust size/spacing of auxview layer dialog box.

Change Log 1335
—Correction displaying align/assembly icons in V9 builds.
—Correction for mirror transform if used in Align tools
—Updated prompt for equally spaced when not enough inputs
—Correction for undo align and solids
—Workplane Grid Settings was not showing correct minor grid values.
—Minor dialog button resizing for French