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How can you close an object drawn with the spline tool???
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* May 17, 2018, 08:55:57 AM
I created a closed spline shape and did a polar duplicate of the shape around 360 degrees.  Somehow TC did a good job of creating the 7 copies rotated correctly but in the process TC randomly picked several of the splines to unconnect all the points and move one end point away from the rest of the shape.  It even moved it in a 3rd dimension.  So, it would seem logical that to fix the bizarre problem I could grab the point an move it to the other point and let them reconnect.  They will not reconnect and after getting it zoomed in to max zoom they are still not together.  TC is not letting me select the point and move it at all.  Yes, show points is on and yes I am trying both the normal cursor and the deep select cursor with zero success.  I have quite TC twice and restarted the computer to see if it would wake up and behave but to now avail.  TC desperately needs a feature where you can select a drawn object and say "Close object" and let it do what it needs to connect these ultra super tiny misalignments.  If that command is here I have not found it.

I have TC Deluxe 9.0 on a MacBook Pro


* May 18, 2018, 02:09:22 PM
Could you post your drawing? I would like to look at it to see what's going on.