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Importing drawing into a 2d template
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* September 28, 2018, 06:07:05 PM
I have succeeded in creating a customized title block (edited one from the list) and saved it (renamed) into the 2d templates folder. I have successfully opened said title block with the New Using Wizard command.
My questions are as follows:

     How do I import a drawing into it?  I used the "import" command from the file menu and the drawing imported but it is entirely too large to fit within the "template"

     Are you only able to create new drawings within the template?

I only work in 2d for house plans etc.

mahalo for your consideration


ps I did several searches and tried things that were suggested but nothing seemed to work.
I have an iMac running 10.13.6 and have TC MacPro 10.0.5 build 1359.


September 28, 2018, 06:55:44 PM
Welcome Choke!
Open up the inspector and the Explorer,The 2D Template should be on it's own layer, so Hide that, then do your drawing with (construction) the pen Icon = active as a different layer, then when done do some scaling so it will fit on selected size. Edit layers as needed.


* September 28, 2018, 08:04:50 PM
Mahalo for the quick response JBorlaug.

I finally realized that the templates are drawn at a 1 to 1 scale to the paper sizes they are designed for .... doh! makes perfect sense...
I was having trouble as I have never used the scale tool much in my actual drawing. I usually enter lengths in the dialog box or select endpoints and drag/extend to fit. Imagine my surprise when I realized there even was a scale tool!

You were pointing me in the right direction but did not realize what a neophyte you were directing.  ;D

At some point in my life I will try the 3d bits, but I have to empty myself of preconceived notions. One of my strengths as a builder has been my ability to visualize blueprints in three dimensions but that doesn't seem to help with my attempts at cad. I can "see" what I need but the learning curve is a tall ladder for me.

again, mahalo for your response



September 28, 2018, 09:31:54 PM
Nope, your ability to see 3D is no problem! I had a Math teacher for a Mom, and I couldn't grasp geometry because of it! I was scared of using layers for about 2 years, so go ahead, get scared, nervous, jump in with a deep breath, and find out you can "swim" very fast underwater! GG :D


* September 29, 2018, 02:47:12 PM
Johnny is correct in using a different layer for the drawing and title block. Bring in the title block using the wizard. Hide the title block layer/s and do your drawing in a new layer, when finished, scale the drawing down to fit in the title block. The best way to do this is to enable the gripper tool and "Select all" (cmd-A) then use either yellow block on the gripper tool to scale down the drawing, if the block next to the arrow is not yellow then you are not in uniform scaling, uncheck the nonuniform setting in the gripper palette. This first scaling is just a seat of the pants guess but going from a floor plan to a title block will be a big change. Next turn on the title block layer, you should see it next to the origin point and it will be very small. Use the gripper arrows to move your drawing to the center of the title block. Use the + (plus) key to enlarge the title block and the gripper yellow block to scale the drawing as needed and use the gripper arrows to move the drawing as needed to keep it centered in the title block. The gripper tool size will also need to be changed as you change the scale, we have asked the developer to address this problem but for now, just select the size in the gripper palette to reset it.