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Surface from Laws
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* October 19, 2018, 03:56:24 AM
Available in Products: TurboCAD Pro
V11 introduces the ability to use parametric formulas to design NURB shapes.

Formulas are defined by users specifying how x, y, and z relate to a parameterized equation (UV). For example, a simple Paraboloid NURB surface is defined by U and V through the three parametric formulas:

f(x) = U*cos(V)
f(y) = U*sin(V) f(z) = 0.2*U^2

Some predefined formulas available from a drop down for the designer include:
   Sine Wave
   Moebius strip
   Kline Bottle
   Double Spring
   Barrel Spring
   Hour Glass Spring
   Sine or Twisted Tubes

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