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Turbocad mac vs Turbocad PC
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* February 21, 2010, 02:41:12 PM
I can't understand why Imsi has chosen to make Turbocad for mac SOOO much different than for the Pc? Can anyone answer that? I have used turbo cad for my own use for around 15 years. I'm having such a hard time learning the Mac version. The commands aren't in the same places they used to be or are given different terms, it's confusing!! I not sure the learning curve is going to be worth it for 60 dollars I can setup a virtual PC and use turbocad for windows. I already have about 8 different versions, clear back to when turbo cad was just that, "turbocad"! Help!!


February 21, 2010, 09:49:23 PM
 answering for myself, without the inputs from Dave or Michael, and having no Windows experience other than DNC at work, I am not able to compare the 2, but I don't think Dave would be upset with me telling you that IMSI Design programs and debugs and all included for the Windows system, and the Mac Versions are built by a different company to a "compressed" format for the Mac . I do know from other communications, that the Windows versions are considerably larger in work load abilities. Yes,
If you have a Windows Available Mac, (Leopard) I would agree that as per Learning Curve, partition a few G's to it's work load and have a ball, Me, and my "Trusty Tiger and external Drive are puttering along just fine! ;D  Johnny


* February 26, 2010, 07:13:38 PM
And developers complain because they don't make any money from Mac programs. If this is what they think of Mac programs and owners it's no wonder they don't sell a lot of copies. Turbo Cad is a great program in the windows format, but for the same money they sure cheat the mac owners! I went to mac's because I was tired of fighting viruses and malware and worms and all the other things that try to take over a PC, now, I'm going to have to go back to that format on my mac to have the program I want and am used to running!
 I don't see that it would be too hard for a good geek to copy the same format and commands, until enough of the cad operators complain we will still get the short end of the stick!



* March 01, 2010, 02:18:44 AM
I'm a 100% newbie, both to TurboCAD & Macs (just bought an iMac though I still have my old PC which was going to be dumped).  I need to do CAD to design a major house renovation.  Given Bob G's posting, should I get TC Mac (v5 I presume) and install it on my iMac, or revert to a TC PC version on my PC (which would really grate since I have made the big change to Apple and never want to go back) or get a TC PC version and operate on my iMac?  Is the Mac version really that much poorer than the PC version?


* March 01, 2010, 07:48:54 AM
Rosko, it's not that the Mac version is so bad it's just that they have chosen to use different developers for it's publication!  If you are a newbie as far as cad and Mac are concerned, the difference won't be a factor for you!
I apologize if I scared you about turbo Cad and the same to anyone else. It's just that I have used turbo Cad since (I think it was 1987) when I got my first version, of turbo cad for windows. At about the same time I bought a bunch of  "penny stocks that happened to be turbo cad". If I remember correctly it was 30,000 shares that have since been sold, that's how much I was and still am, impressed with the program!
I just switched to Mac 3 years ago and was using my windows laptop for turbo cad. I have now gotten to the place where I need to use cad again on a much more regular basis and want to do it on the Mac!
I have bought the CAD COURSE.COM instruction for Turbo Cad for Mac ver. 4 but the guy that does the moderation on it is so monotone that it's hard for me to listen to him for more than 10 minutes at a time. If he had a little bit of  voice inflection it would be a lot easier for "me" to listen to. Someone else may not have a problem with it!
The commands are just not where I would expect them to be, sometimes not even under the same heading! For you that should not even come into the learning curve.  Sometimes they are not even there they are compounded with another command and it takes a (for me) lot of searching to get to it.

Again it's not that I am knocking Turbo Cad it's just the way they presented the Mac version with such a difference in procedures! "I WILL LEARN IT" not yelling just being positive! And then I won't have to put up with having windows on my MAC!

Rosko don't shy away from Turbo Cad it's a great program, powerful enough to do anything that is needed, by many people!

Bob G.


* March 03, 2010, 12:57:47 PM
I'm sorry to say, that I hardly don't use TurboCad any more. I was deeply dissapointed with TC Mac DeLuxe*, and TC Mac V5 doesn't seem to be much better. If I have to use TC, I prefere to use my old TC Mac Pro V3! At least that version had a history tree!

* In the release it was advertised as a substitute for V3

If you are satisfied with TC Mac V5, then "Don't worry, Be happy"......


* March 03, 2010, 02:49:50 PM
What are you using instead of turbocad? I'm always open for a new program that is better than I have now!

Bob G.


April 04, 2010, 04:43:53 AM
Hi Guys,

I have read all the posts here and had similar experiences.

TC has lead me to a world of confusion from the MAC drawing programmes I was used to. The leaning curve has been overwhelmingly steep at times and a lot of things are just not intuitive and neatly remove the one thing I love about MAC and it's operating system. This remoteness I have put down to the fact that this is my first CAD programme of any sort. There are many things I have had to "relearn" or work around. There are many other things that have blown me away with TC too.

I have real world applications for TC on a daily basis to run laser cutting equipment and design products in my business. This has lead to a certain amount of frustration and undue deadline pressure partly down to my lack of experience with such programmes. Maybe I should have sought out a local expert and brought them on board, it probably would have saved me money in the long term. I stuck with it though and am now starting to produce real results to the point where I can be certain of the output and feel a lot less constricted in my design approach to a project. It is worth it ultimately so my best advise is ask questions, play around, try as many different ways to complete a job as possible. TC has taught me to be more disciplined and this has produced better drawings. Part of the power of the programme is being able to express my ideas to others and have everyone move towards the same end goal.

I still have problems to resolve, I have only been using this programme for 8 months but it has started to yield commercial results. This is the paramount as I make my living in prototyping and industrial model making. I can now use TC to decide on the best way to design and build a project and have a great advantage in being able to control my material costs more accurately. It is not the be all and end all by any means but it has pushed my business forward and allowed me to present my ideas to my customers confidently.

I used to dread engineering changes to a specification, now I can suggest changes to a customer and prove the benefits in time, cost or function a lot easier than I ever could. That is a very powerful tool in it's own right. From the customers point of view it is very impressive and keep them coming back as they usually are confident that we are leading their project strongly from the front.

If I was to implement TC again in my business I wouldn't try to do it all at once. The smartest move I made was to go backwards initially and I would suggest the same to anyone who is trying to do this. Look at old or recently completed projects, remodel them in TC until you have achieved the results you used to get using the methods you did previously. You will soon find the time to make those drawings or finalising those designs being compressed and quality improved.

I use V3 on an IMAC 24" extreme, it stills frustrates me from time to time but I also feel I am building on strong knowledge everyday and have tipped over the worst of the learning curve.


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* October 01, 2010, 12:52:59 PM
Bob G wrote:
"What are you using instead of turbocad?
I'm always open for a new program that is better than I have now!"

I use MacDraft* for quick 2D-drafts, and VectorWorks for "big" 2D/3D jobs on my Mac, and Ailbre (Alibre Express,  the freeware version) when I swap my Mac into a PC.

*MacDraft, still going strong! A classic, intuitive tool! I made my first MacDraft drawings back at 1988 and it still has that nice Mac "feeling".

/ dxaren
/ who still uses TC V3-Pro, and that is only occasionally, and never, never (!) TC DeLuxe!
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