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Whatever happened to the Deform Face tool?
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* February 10, 2020, 04:12:05 PM
I'm running TCMPro v11 build 1441 on OSX 10.13.6 (High Sierra), and I just noticed that the Deform Face tool no longer appears as one of the Local Face operations - it used to come between Parting Line and Pattern in older versions, but it ain't there no more.  FWIW the HTML files for it still appear in the package Help folder - though I see now that it's no longer in the User Guide. 

Any advice on how to deform the faces of a 5" diameter cylinder to a 12.5" radius sphere (i.e. to create a realistic model of a telescope objective lens)?  I suppose I could draw a cross section with lines and arcs and then lathe it about the optical axis, but the DF tool would have made it a bit easier...

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* February 10, 2020, 09:18:49 PM
1. You can export the V11 file to V10 and use the deform tool there.
2. Create the sphere and use an infinite plane to trim at the 5" diameter.



* February 11, 2020, 01:50:04 PM
What really sparked this is that I like to turn on transparency when I'm trying to build assemblies, but when I did this for the lens (which I'd modeled as the intersection between two spheres) the side view looked horrible (see attached).  I was hoping that this was an artifact of the way spheres are rendered and that an alternative method might improve things; but after trying all the options it looks like lathing an outline is the only one that actually looks good - see final attached screen shot.

So all of the methods will create a reasonable lens-shaped lens, but (at least in this case) the ones derived from the solid primitives render quite differently from the one derived from a 2-D curve.

FWIW they all render the same when I use the Photo Render tool - it's just when I'm in drawing mode that it gets ugly.  I'd still like to see the Deform Face tool reinstated in v11, though - I have used it in the past, for anything that doesn't have circular symmetry it's a bit more of a challenge to reproduce its action...

>>Computers were invented to help people waste more time faster<<

* February 11, 2020, 03:56:53 PM
The loss of the deform tool is a license issue.

I created a sphere, trimmed off the top and bottom removing the sphere center portion. Added the two together to form the double convex lens. The yellow background is V11 and white is V12. Phong with edges shading is used.


* February 12, 2020, 01:46:22 PM
Interesting, very interesting... 

Too bad about the deform tool, but as an ex-IT guy I understand how licensing can be a problem!

Looking at your screen shots has triggered a few questions!

1) Why do your versions look so much nicer than mine?  Like you, I use Phong with edges when I'm not in wireframe mode.
  - Is there something in my configuration that's causing this?  I'm using Super Fine resolution with Smart Silhouette for solids (and Super Fine for curves and surfaces) with the default custom resolution values (4.5 for curves, 5 for facets).
  - Is this a limitation of my graphics card?  I've got an ATI Radeon HD 5770 in my Mac Pro.

I'll do some more experimenting on my system and see if I can narrow down the possibilities - I do have older builds I can play with, and I still have v9 and v10 as well.

2) I see that you're running ViaCAD Pro 11 - are there any differences between ViaCAD and TurboCAD other than the name?  I gather that you're using a beta version of TCP v12...  (And why don't new builds ever get announced in the Patches and Updates forum?  There haven't been any postings there since last February.)

>>Computers were invented to help people waste more time faster<<

* February 12, 2020, 11:38:09 PM
- Is this a limitation of my graphics card?

I would think so, I'm using the default settings on a 2016 MacBook Pro using a Raedon Pro 455/ Intel HD Graphics 530.

TubroCAD has more tools. Comparing ViaCAD V10 to TurboCAD V10, ViaCAD is missing Rib, Edge Treatments, Pattern, GDT, Three more lights, and Animation. TurboCAD also has some added options within tools. The symbols library is missing all the 3D objects which to me is a requirement to use the architectural tools.

I ended up getting ViaCAD because I wanted the Power Pack Pro, Power Pack was available for TC but not the Pro version. The Pro version is now gone too taking the SubD to Nurb tool with it, but we did get a thread tool so that was a good trade.

You might be interested in http://www.masterviacad.com/index.html. There are some videos, a book in PDF format, and some V12 info. The Work In Progress (WIP) link will get you a link to all the current betas for Shark, ViaCAD, and a link to TurboCAD V12.